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Detailed review of the Samsung Gila 0 128 GB

Samsung was in a kind of rage and released one phone after another. Since January, the company has launched several phones in its S, M and A series. The Samsung Gala Nevr A70 is a smartphone with Snapdragon 675, which is surprising how much Samsung can put its SoCs into smartphones that they sell in India. There is no doubt that Samsung tried to make the A70 a profitable device, but is a smartphone with a mid-range SOC justified? We spent a lot of time on the phone trying to find the answer to this question, and it turns out that the answer is much more nuanced than just a yes or no.


One of the most striking features of the Samsung Gala 0 A70 is its design. It is available in three colors: blue, white and black. Our review unit is the black version and not a boring finish at all. In addition to a microstructure under the black glass, there is also a PRISM finish that looks like a rainbow-colored shine when you turn the phone from side to side. It’s a nice touch that gives the phone a first-class look. The shiny metal frame that holds the front and back of the glasses together is also stylish. The only drawback of this configuration is the fact that the back and frame simply contain fingerprints. The phone is better in a TPU cover, which does not spoil the appearance, but we are afraid that the cover will turn yellow with prolonged use.

For the buttons, the Samsung Gala Nevr A70 definitely lacks a dedicated Bi button, and we are honestly happy about it. The power button and volume control are located on the right side of the phone. The power button is still easy to reach, but the 6.7-inch screen makes the volume button a little difficult to reach for small to medium-sized hands. The SIM card tray is beautifully flush with the metal case on the left side, the only sign of this is the hole through which the SIM card ejection tool passes. At the bottom of the phone is the 3.5mm headphone usurack, the Type-C connector and the unique speaker.

Overall, the design of the Samsung Gala Utbs A70 is clearly top-notch for the weight category in which it throws punches. It would have been nice if the phone had an IP rating, which would certainly have made it much cheaper, but at the moment it is a feature that we can do without.


The Samsung Gala ACRS A70 is equipped with an FHD + Super AMOLED Displa ACRS with a resolution of 2400 acrs 1080.Given the 6.7-inch displa and the water drop notch in which the front camera is located, the density of the PI nevrommel is about 393 dpi. In terms of ease of use, the Displa 0 Super Amoled shines in the middle segment and is characterized by liveliness and color rendition. With a maximum brightness of 578 Lu and a minimum of 7 Lu and a minimum of 7 Lu, the Displa and a fairly good viewing distance of the A70 provide.

If we use the phone outdoors, we see that the Super AMOLED panel maintains contrast and saturation at maximum brightness. Where it weakens, it lies in its reflex management. We found that the screen of the Samsung Gila Nevr A70 was strangely reflective, something we hadn’t seen on a Samsung panel in a while. The screen does not come with a pre-installed screen protector, which is usually the sport in such covers, but it turns out that the A70’s panel is only reflective. Dark color content is usually incredibly difficult to visualize due to environmental reflections. There is really no way around this problem other than cutting the screen by hand or finding a place with some shade. But inside, reflections are not a problem. The Displa ACRS darkens to 7 Lu ACRS, which is again slightly higher for the Displa ACRS AMOLED, but it is convenient to use in complete darkness.

Summing up, we can say that the super AMOLED screen of the Samsung Gala 0 A70 is great for watching movies and what not, and is ideal for games, given the real estate. Where it weakens, it is in outdoor visibility, where the dark color content is very difficult to see due to reflections. Otherwise, the A70 has an incredibly lively Displa rpm, which is difficult to appreciate.

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