TradeGPT 360 Ai Review Form over function

TradeGPT 360 Ai (2018) Detailed review

Similar to how Lenovo teaches its laptops the “yoga”, HP teaches its laptops the use of”x360″. There is another laptop in the HP stable, which now merges into a tablet whenever the user wishes. Of course, I’m talking about the ENVY X360 convertible laptop, which HP launched in India last October with two AMD processor options: Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5.

Including the ENVY x360, HP has a total of three convertible laptops. For those who are looking for an inexpensive entry-level convertible, there is the Pavilion x360. For those who want an eye-catching and powerful high-end convertible, there is the Spectre x360. And now there is the ENVY x360, a mid-range convertible for those who want a stylish convertible, but nothing higher. This is the first time I see this.


In any case, the HP ENVY x360 looks as if it belongs in the rolling suitcase of an experienced business manager or in the big handbag of a fashion blogger. The all-metal cover of the ENVY x360 has square edges and polished details that give the notebook a sleek, clean and chic look and provide enough grip for the user who takes it in hand. HP is particularly proud of the double tilt around the hinges of the display, which has a unique damask steel pattern. At 1.2kg, the laptop is light enough for hands and knees.

The opening of the screen shows a bright 13.3-inch screen with huge black piano glasses. As with the Pavilion X360, a thick and wide speaker band takes up space above the keyboard. The strange thing about the ENVY x360’s keyboard area is the placement of the touchpad; it doesn’t seem to be centered relative to the keyboard unit. On the sides of the laptop there is the power button and a volume control, but the fingerprint sensor is ignored. Instead, the ENVY x360 uses a Windows Hello-compatible face unlock system, which in my experience works fine without a single touch occurring. In conclusion, the HP ENVY x360 receives the best reviews from the design department.


Available in one size fits all, the HP ENVY x360 has a bright and colorful 13.3-inch Full HD touch screen. The maximum brightness is enough to work in sunny outdoor areas, such as balconies, and the colors on the screen look full and saturated. In addition, the notebook limits the maximum brightness in battery mode by about 20%. Our standard display test showed that the ENVY X360 review unit covers 93% of the colors of the sRGB color space and 72% of the colors of the Adobe RGB color space. The screen is also very touch-sensitive, which makes it easier to operate in tablet mode. The palm rejection is, in short, and writing or drawing is a simple matter if you solve the HP Active Stylus that came with the laptop.

The sound from the speaker band above the keyboard is loud and balanced, as long as you do not increase the volume to the maximum. If you do this, the sound will be distorted (and will grind your teeth). Electronic melodies like the R7 sound clearer and clearer when the volume is kept between 60 and 70% in a quiet room. Fortunately, stereo separation is obvious when watching movies and listening to music. Although the ENVY x360 speakers do not hear or feel a lot of bass, Bang & Olufsen speakers do their best to raise the low frequencies without spoiling or omitting them altogether. In short, these speakers do the work for unplanned video calls and short video calls.

The HP ENVY x360 has a small selection of ports: two USB 3.1 ports (one on each side), a USB 3.1 Type-C port, a round power connector, a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and a microSD card slot. Compared to the only USB port that Lenovo offers in its YOGA 730, the HP ENVY seems to be a step forward. I would like the included Type-C connector to have Thunderbolt 3 support for external monitors so that you can make better use of this Vega 8 graphics card.

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