H Puls for Puls Pulsefire Surge Test


Although hper FOR sia With the Pulsefire Surge, the device manufacturer installed a mouse with the PM ottico3389 optical sensor under the hood. Although this particular sensor was exclusive to Razer for some time, it was opened to other manufacturers. How does the mouse work? Is it quite capable of being used by professional sportsmen? Discover.



h Puls For Puls Pulsefire Surge has a nice RGB LED strip around the mouse. Along with the strip, the hper For logo logo is also illuminated by RGB lighting. You can control lighting effects and colors with the soft H The lighting color on each individual LED can be controlled with the softare The effects apply to the entire band. It’s disappointing to find the limited number of lighting effects in softare

Hper For scelto chose the Pi otticoArt PM sensore3389 optical sensor. In Pulsefire Surge, it can reach up to 16,000 DPI. The DPI can be set in softare This sensor is considered very accurate and belongs to the upper level of optical sensors. We found some interesting results in our sensor tests, which we discussed in the performance section below.

In addition to light control, Ngenuit offre also offers macro recording functions. And it is not limited to mouse functions. You can combine multiple shortcuts ofind Although the light control is limited, they have implemented macro shots very well.

h Puls For Puls Pulsefire Surge does not have built-in memory. For customizations to work, you need to keep the softare And every time you connect the mouse to another system, you lose the settings.


The ambidextrous mouse design allows for a claw grip and a palm grip. There are no aggressive or steep turns on the mouse, as in Pulsefire FPS Pro. Although not exactly ergonomic, the design finds an ideal place for different grip styles.

On top there is a smooth plastic coating, while on the sides there is a texture to improve adhesion. Holding and lifting the mouse is extremely comfortable thanks to the subtle curves on the bottom edge coming from the front. This mouse is ideal for players with medium and large hands.

With the high-quality Omron D2FC-FK (50m) switches for the left and right buttons, you can be sure that they will last for several years. There is not much resistance to these pimples, but they do not look very light. You may or may not like the side buttons as they have a longer driving distance than usual. However, it is a very personal preference. The scroll wheel steps are different, but the scrolling is smooth and satisfying.

In gaming mice, feet can greatly affect your gaming experience. Together with the surface area, the weight and balance of the rat contribute to this. The Pulsefire pusher feet are large and provide the right level of sliding capability, necessary for control and fast runs.

After all, the mouse cable is braided and very flexible. Although we have seen more flexible cables, this would not be a hindrance in serious competitions. A bungee mouse would be the best solution if we pay special attention to flexibility.

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