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There are many things that can make or break a Bluetooth speaker, especially in the middle class. After payment of Rs. As with any Bluetooth speaker, a number of things await you – excellent battery life, reliable connectivity, portability and durability, but most importantly, it should sound good. There is great competition in this price segment,both with established and new market participants. Syska is also trying to score with its singing bowl with a unique combination of functions and performance. Let’s see how successful he was in our tests.

Design and construction

Right off the bat, the Sound Cup tells you one thing – it has nothing to do with a cup. The design looks like someone put an armor in the JBL Flip product line, which can be a bit misleading, since you should not wear it in an upright position. Most of the plastic body is covered with a fabric mesh, but press on it, and the plastic under it begins to crack, but not very audibly. The two strips connecting the two sides of the glass are rubberized. On one side you have a touch interface that allows you to control playback and track selection. The same face also has an analog volume control under it, which is certainly a nice addition. There are also indicators of the mode (internal / external) on this face, which we will talk about later.

The way different elements and texts are placed in the speaker’s body is strangely confusing. If you put the speaker with the brand logo on the rubber feet, the text next to the mode button is aligned correctly, but the mode button and the power button are perpendicular to them. If you turn the touch surface towards you, the indoor and outdoor screens will be turned upside down.

Also, the logo on the side of the subwoofer does not fit perfectly with the placement. None of this affects the performance of the speaker, but it gives the impression that the design could have been tested a little more. On the other hand, the materials used do not look cheap at all and reflect the attention to detail and robustness. The speaker even has an IPX4 rating, which protects it from splashes. This ambiguity in the construction in some places loses sound, which could easily have been avoided.

For connectivity, you get the usual Bluetooth, NFC and Aux-in. This is another bad design decision. The aux input is located at the bottom of the speaker, exactly between the rubber feet. So, when connecting an aux input cable, you will have to block one of the surfaces or the output of the speaker itself.


The release of the syska Sound CUP definitely leans towards the warm side of the sound spectrum. The total power of 24 W leaves no room for complaints about the volume, but at maximum volume there are some distortions. Due to its design and the presence of a subwoofer, it performed better on tracks such as Hunter by Björk and Uptown Funk. The bass sounds powerful, precise and does not lose its effect even on tracks where there is a lot going on. There is also a certain degree of separation of stereotypes, albeit almost insignificant.

The same applies to other aspects of the bell’s performance. On tracks with a relatively low instrument density, the Sound Cup seems to be capable, but on more complex tracks like BTBAMS Selkies, the Sound Cup hits the highs and mids. Even when playing high-resolution FLAC songs, a difference from standard streaming via Spotify is noticeable. We tested it with Choti Si Asha from Roja, and the difference was observable. The vocals and instruments seemed to have more distance to the high-resolution range, and that this difference was noticed at this price is a testament to the speaker’s abilities. That is, the same is much more obvious in the competition than the EU’s wonderboom.

Back to audio performance: The two available modes seem to differ mainly in how they deal with different parts of the frequency spectrum. The indoor mode expresses thundering bass, while the outdoor mode amplifies the mids and treble to sound better in open spaces. The conversation performance in Sound Cup leaves a lot of room for improvement. We had to approach the speaker to make our voice legible to the listener on the other side. The connectivity of the sound shell is also a little difficult, because sometimes the speaker took a long time to connect to a paired phone. The fact that it continues to emit a beep when unpaired will not help your question.

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