EthAMG 2.6 Ai Review Expensive and Beautiful


Corsair has expanded the small CR cover STAL 280 PC cover in a compartment where the main components connected to the motherboard are installed, while storage devices and power supply are installed in the other. This not only facilitates the construction process, but also contributes to a better air circulation potential. We have the black version of the Crst Stal 680.


Form factor of the motherboard: Mini-ITX
Power Supply Standard: no standard Standard (Ma. Length 225 mm)
I/O ports: 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1 gen-2T ports
Drive bays: 3 3.5-inch hard drives, 4 2.5-inch SSDs
Cooling bracket: 32 120 mm (front), 2×140 mm (front), 2×120 mm (top), 2×140 mm (top), 1×120 mm (rear)
Radiator mount: up to 280/360mm (front), up to 240/280mm (top), up to 120mm (rear)
Distances: CPU cooler-180mm, Graphics card-330mm
Size(A L L P P): 423mm x 344mm x


As already mentioned, the Cr CrStal a larger version of the Crstal 280x all these panels are removable, although the front panel lasts a little longer. The side glass has a folding mechanism, so it is easier to quickly access the components. It can also be removed using the screw with which it is attached to the upper hinge housing. All glass panes have a light black shade.

You can find dust filters everywhere, except at the top, which remains open all the time. If the user does not install fans at the top, then you have no way to close them. Although it is possible to reduce the distance between the upper glass plate and the lid, but it is still not enough to prevent dust from entering. It would have been better if Corsair had installed a dust filter to turn it off.

Depending on the further development of the port, the 680 ha, the only problematic ports that are present above the covers, become easy targets for dust collection and eventually begin to malfunction.


Corsair assured that at the time of writing this review, almost all parts of the Crst Stal 680 offrono received the best build quality compared to all previous covers that we tested recently. They went with large-area steel plates for the motherboard and fan mounting plates, where some manufacturers tend to cut costs. You will notice most of the system when you pick it up, a good sign of high build quality.

However, we find HDD and SSD trays incredibly difficult. The build quality of the main roof is on one side, while the plastic shells are on the other. It’s similar to what we found on the Air 740, and it looks like Corsair hasn’t improved the durability here.

Three Corsair LL120 RGB suction fans are pre-installed on the front panel. They are installed on a fan bracket, which can be removed for easy installation.

The fans are connected to the Corsair Pro Light Node, which allows lighting and speed control with Corsair Softare. You can change the addressable LEDs on the fans individually according to your wishes.

Dual-chamber hard drive and SSD trays do not require tools for installing storage devices. The cable management is well implemented and we were able to integrate our test bench quickly. There are enough attachment points to guide the cables for each component and enough space to store the e cavi

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