Boult Audio Twinpods Review Slim and Rugged


Even though it’s been a while since Apple’s Airpods lit the true wireless fire, wearing one of these completely wireless earpods and hanging out still brings some curious looks. However, over the past two years, this category of products has become very competitive. While there are a number of mid-range and expensive options on the rise, the budget segment is gaining traction by offering a true wireless experience where you don’t have to give up a lot of money for cables. Boult Audio has a few options in this segment and we took a look at the twinpods.

Design and features

Don’t be fooled by budget etiquette. Twinpods are designed to impress at first sight and then. They come in an elegant metal alloy lid built into a chocolate bar form factor with a matte finish.

A small rubber tag on one end gently presses the inside when pulling out. Now there are two variants of twinpods-Gray and green. We have the green version and when we say Green we mean neon as bright as possible, which you will see when you open the lid.

Both sleeves are perfectly located in the intended grooves, the Golden loading bolts being the only ones in the entire configuration that are neither Green nor Gray.

Plop these buttons and you will also be faced with the same neon green on the tips. At this point, we should probably make it clear that we’re not against neon green, especially if alternative Gray is available – just make sure you’re happy with what you’re getting. The headphones themselves are tiny and even discreet when you get the gray version. They have a beveled surface that is not very reflective, except for the buttons, which have circular grooves with neon green reflections. These slots are useful when trying to find the commands when using them. It is the Boult Audio logo next to you that exudes a personal charm and makes you a wandering advertisement for the brand when you wear it.

The buttons are tilted about 45 degrees, which ensures a good fit without being painful or loose. We tried them while running and the buttons didn’t look like traps. Don’t worry that your sweat will harm you, because they have IPX5 protection rating. The connectivity on Twinpods is also very good. For the pairing process, you need to connect your smartphone to one of the two earpods, which will be connected to the other pod. The audio of the call is only forwarded to the Earpod, which is directly connected to the smartphone.

Since the earpods also work in mono mode, you can use the two pods separately, which can improve the battery life of the stereo output victim. Battery life is very good with the Twinpods ‘ 75 mAh batteries, which last almost six hours in our tests. Combined with the two additional charges matter can provide, the total battery capacity is one of the highest in the segment.

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