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It’s easy to do everything and put the latest technology in a pair of real wireless earbuds and call them the state of the art. It is a completely different ball game to provide a really high-quality wireless experience, which is about a tenth of the price of the above-mentioned top experience. Zebronics has experienced the latter with the zeb Peace True Wireless earbuds and, at the time of writing, still offers you some impressive successes in our review.

Structure and functions

To be honest, Zeb Peace cuts a few corners in his build. The tiny capsule, which serves as a cargo compartment cover, immediately looks shiny and cheap and does not even let us get started with its affinity for fingerprints and dirt. We strive to keep this one clean for a movie, so don’t throw it in your pockets or in a bag and expect it to come out spotless.

However, they will do a lot. The capsule is one of the most compact parts that we find between cheap and expensive real wireless headphones, which can help you a lot to use it when you go to the gym or run.

The Zebronics branding on the front is not very noticeable, but it could be more subtle. A micro USB port on the back allows you to charge the lid, which in turn charges the sleeves when it is placed inside. The box snaps into place with magnets, which also helps to prevent it from accidentally opening and letting the pods pop out. Two blue LEDs on the front panel tell you about the remaining charge on the cover, while three red LEDs light up when you connect it to a power source.

The fees are very low and fit well on the cover. At 4 grams each, it’s easy to forget that they’re there as soon as you put them on.

In fact, the whole package weighs no more than a regular golf ball. But this does not mean that you need to worry that the headphones will fall out without you even realizing it. The driver’s box has been ergonomically designed to fit into the ear grooves and the angled tips ensure a secure and enveloping fit. Try the extra earplugs in the box until you find the right one. The earpods themselves have a glossy surface, with the exception of matte buds. LEDs on each pod indicate connectivity and battery status.

The buttons on each pod are used for various functions, such as receiving calls, controlling playback, and launching voice assistants. They require strong pressure to function, which can be a problem as they would push into the ear canal. A lot can be expected from swipe-based controls at this price, but the buttons may be better positioned. Zebronics does not give an official IP rating for these buttons, but claims that they are splash-proof, so we will probably see an IPX4 here. This, combined with the ergonomic design and the handle of the buttons themselves, makes the Zeb Peace an ideal fitness companion for the budget. But how does that sound good?


With a pair of 6mm drivers operating at an impedance of 16 ohms, the sound of the Zeb Peace goes beyond what you would expect. If you don’t expect it to look too big, you’re not alone. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the audio that these buttons grow most of the time.

The bass on zeb Peace is what triggers the deviation from the usual. It seems controlled, regulated without signs of bloating. If you expect some seismic activity with these, you can also look for another option. On the other hand, if you expect tracks like the Bass Chorus-Loop Uptown Funk Background to sound natural without losing their vocal essence, you will not be disappointed. He even manages to create a decent sound stage in Björk’s Hunter.

A unwind button will appear when these headphones are pressed to the treble, but they keep the volume at about 70% of the maximum, and you should be able to avoid something unpleasant. We tried to set them to maximum volume, which was a bad idea, but not the worst one we had with wireless headphones on a real budget. The voices are also processed quite accurately by Zeb Peace.

They provide a reasonable level of passive isolation, even in noisy situations such as when commuting in Mumbai. This can be very important for those who are looking for a compact and portable daily driver. The call quality is also excellent, with the only caveat that it is pressed only on the left earpiece. Connectivity is a bit complex. It is necessary to pair the buttons with each other before pairing the combination with a smartphone. However, once this happens, the connectivity is quite stable.

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